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The rule of six
What the new guidance means for your event or meeting.

The rule of six

The Rule of Six

As per the government update on Wednesday 9th September the rule of six will be implemented across England from Monday 14th September. If you have any event or meeting booking with us or would like to make a booking then this change in guidance may well effect you. Please find below some clarity on what is now allowed.

Events – The rule of six

As per the government guidance you are allowed up to a table of six for a socially distanced celebration. This applies both indoor and outdoor. Please find further clarity here.

Work related meetings – Over six attendees are allowed

As per the government guidance you can meet in a group over six people if the meeting is for work, training, educational or charity reasons. Please find further clarity here.

Restaurant bookings - The rule of six

As per the government guidance you are allowed up to a table of six. This applies for both indoor and outdoor dining.

Weddings – Up to 30 guests

Presently, as per the government guidance, you are allowed up to 30 for a socially distanced 2020 wedding. This number includes everyone from the bride and groom to the photographer. Please find out more about COVID-19 safe weddings here.

Christmas parties – The rule of six

Due to the government guidelines we are only able to book tables of up to six individuals.

Please note that our Hatherley Suite holds 150 (socially distanced) guests and our Moat Suite holds 50 (socially distanced) guests and will not be exclusive to your Christmas party, however your table will be exclusive to your party of six.

Please find further clarity here.

We kindly request that all guests are mindful of the new guidance when they attend events and do not socialise with those at other tables (even if you do see a friend or family member sitting nearby) to ensure we can keep to the social distancing guidance.

If you would like any further clarification or would like to find out more or make a booking then please contact us on