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Our Hotel Mission Statement

Our Hotel Mission Statement

Hatherley Manor Hotel aims to provide excellent guest care, delivering the highest standards in service by well trained and knowledgeable staff.


High Integrity

To care for one another as people in a way we want to be treated ourselves by creating respect and dignity at all times.

Team Work

To create an organization that encourages an open, honest and supportive culture by working together as a team to create excellence.

Customer Service

To use every opportunity to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure that our guest’s needs are fulfilled.

Safe Environment

To encourage our people to operate in a safe working manner at all times, demonstrating good safety practices.

Recognising Potential and Success

To reward and recognize all employees’ contribution by giving them every opportunity and encouragement in order to reach their maximum potential and celebrate success.

Stephen Trowbridge

General Manager - Hatherley Manor Hotel