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Hotel Lone Traveller Policy

Hotel Lone Traveller Policy

Hatherley Manor Hotel understands that every customer has different needs and we aim to make our hotel considerate of lone females travelling often far from home which can create anxiety and stress. The hotel operates a lone female guest awareness policy.

We recognize that some females travel alone, and it is important to make the feel safe when they stay in the hotel.

Here are a few of the safety measures we implement and try adhere to:

  • When allocating a single female a room, do not put lone females into rooms at the end of corridors or fire exits.
  • Offer escort service from hotel to the car park, especially at night.
  • Make lone females aware that all rooms have peep holes on doors for added security
  • Never give out a lone females name or room number
  • Bedside lighting controls as standard in all rooms
  • Same sex room service provided on request
  • Health & safety guidelines in place for staff, on non harassment of lone female guests

We endeavour to implement this policy on every occasion: however, this is subject to availability at the time of booking, force majeure and of the guest informing Hatherley Manor Hotel that they wish this policy to be applied.