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Tips For Making The Most Of Your Spa Day

Escape the daily hustle and pamper yourself to perfection as we provide you with the ultimate guide to making the most of your luxurious spa day.

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Spa Day



1. Check out the spa facilities and plan ahead

One of the most important things you can do is a background check on the spa you wish to visit, to make sure that their facilities and treatments are tailored to your needs. At The Spa at Hatherley Manor, we have a range of luxury spa facilities, including our swimming and vitality pool, thermal suite, relaxation room and gym, designed for you to relax and enjoy.

It is also useful to look for recommendations on TripAdvisor, which ranks the businesses in your area based on the personal opinions of customers. You can check out our spa reviews on TripAdvisor and we also received the 2022 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, for consistently delivering positive experiences to our guests.


2. Catch up with your friends

Why not book a spa day to catch up with your friends? You can co-ordinate your treatments to create a shared experience and indulge in a moment of relaxation together. You can also explore the facilities together, whether that be cleansing your skin in the steam room or hitting the weights in the gym.

Some spa packages may even offer afternoon tea or anti-pasti platters for you to share, which can be more cost-effective, but make sure they can accommodate for any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have.


3. Pack carefully

Create a list of what you would like to take with you, some ideas include swimwear, comfortable loungewear, a dry swimsuit for treatments, a water bottle, a book, or magazine. If you’re planning to make use of their gym, make sure you bring sportswear and some earbuds!

At The Spa at Hatherley Manor, we provide robe hire and flip flops for you to take home, to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable!



4. Leave your phone, valuables and worries in the locker

It is important to take a break from the screens and take care of your mental health [1] – so turn off your phone, place your valuables in the locker, and make sure you have minimal disruptions – spa days are meant for relaxing!

Some spa activities that can help you take care of your health include choosing healthy menu options, exercising, swimming, meditating, and going for a walk in nature. At Hatherley Manor, we have a 37-acre parkland estate – surrounded by mature gardens, a walled garden, and an orchard, in the heart of the rolling Gloucestershire countryside, all for you to explore.

[1] Chaves, C. (2020). What is a digital detox? Very well mind.


5. Be kind to yourself

Prioritizing your health and well-being is an essential part of leading a balanced and fulfilling life, so it is important to take time for yourself and prioritise your own needs.

Experiencing the different treatments and facilities that a spa has to offer can help to unwind your physical state and aid your emotional one. Whether that be through hot stone massages, or relaxing in the sauna, make sure you take a moment to recharge your energy and make a commitment to your own happiness and fulfilment.


6. Fill in your health questionnaire

As you prepare for your visit to the spa, you may need to take a moment to fill in their health questionnaire. Giving more information to the spa allows them to tailor their services to your specific needs and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you.

You should be thorough and honest in your responses, as the information you provide will assist the spa therapists in delivering the best possible treatments and making any necessary accommodations.


7. Leave time to unwind

At the end of your treatment, make sure you leave time to unwind and take in the experience. Most spas will have a relaxation room, with dimmed lighting and soft meditation music, for you to lie down, read a book and engage in mindfulness.

At The Spa at Hatherley Manor, our relaxation room is designed with comfy loungers, candles, and calming music to allow you rest and absorb the benefits of your spa treatment.

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8. Food, drink, and extras

Make sure you find a spa package that includes lunch or a few light bites to eat and check online reviews to see if they offer any free water or beverages, it is important to stay hydrated! You should also be aware of any extras that you may want to add to your package such as glasses of fizz or additional treatments, to make the day extra special.

At The Spa at Hatherley Manor, a variety of our packages include light bites for you to enjoy, such as our Re-Treat Spa Day, where you can treat yourself to our churros and a glass of prosecco!

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9. Bring the spa back home with you

If you don’t want the day to end, why not buy some products that the spa has to offer and recreate your own spa day at home. Scented candles, an essential oil diffuser and your favourite skin care products are a few great ways to recreate the experience.

At The Spa at Hatherley Manor, we have a luxury range of ELEMIS skin-care products, available for you to buy and take home. We also use ELEMIS products in our treatments, as they are formulated with vitamins and antioxidants to calm and hydrate the skin.