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2024 Wedding Trends

Discover the latest must-have wedding trends for 2024, offering fresh ideas and inspiration for couples planning their big day.

2024 Wedding Trends

Sustainable wedding sunflowers

1. Sustainability [1]

Sustainability has become a prevailing wedding trend, with couples increasingly prioritising eco-friendly choices. Hatherley Manor Hotel & Spa reflects this commitment by implementing sustainable practices such as energy-efficient solar panels, waste reduction initiatives and sourcing organic ingredients. Choosing a venue that shares the same values as you adds depth to your wedding experience, allowing you to create memories that are special, and responsibility crafted.

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2. Unique Entertainment [2]

One of the latest wedding trends embraces unique entertainment, steering away from traditional norms. Couples are opting for engaging magicians or fun caricatures, igniting excitement.

Unique entertainment adds a touch of magic and fun, ensuring that a wedding celebration stands out. You can view a list of our recommended suppliers on our website, who all work towards creating cherished moments both for the couple and guests.

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Neutral wedding

3. Soft and Neutral Colours [3]

Embracing a more relaxed vibe, the trend of soft and neutral colours in weddings brings an effortless charm. More couples are opting for muted tones, such as gentle pastels and earthy tones, creating a laid-back and intimate atmosphere.

Nestled in the countryside, our venue sets the ideal stage for an earthy tone wedding, with its rustic charm and natural surroundings providing a picturesque backdrop for an elegant celebration.

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4. Cocktails at the reception [4]

The next wedding trend is shaking things up – with cocktails taking centre stage as the reception drinks. The trend adds a dynamic and interactive element to the celebration, turning the bar into a focal point where couples can craft drinks that reflect their personalities but also elevate the overall guest experience.

At our Lounge bar, we offer a delightful mix of cocktails from the sweetness of Hatherley Honey Gin to the bold kick of Espresso Martinis, with each drink a carefully crafted masterpiece.

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Pet friendly

5. Pet-friendly Weddings [5]

As couples seek more inclusive and heart warming wedding experiences, pet-friendly celebrations are taking the spotlight, and our venue supports this trend.

Picture the joyous moments as your furry companions bring the rings down the aisle, adding a touch of heartfelt charm to your ceremony. With our pet-friendly venue, this trend can become a reality, allowing you to create cherished moments with all the family.

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Walled Garden 1

6. Outdoor Weddings [6]

Embracing the growing trend of outdoor weddings, our venue takes it to the next level with a charming wedding pavilion and a serene walled garden.

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by nature’s beauty, with the pavilion adding a touch of elegance and the historic walled garden creating an enchanting backdrop.

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Hotel Exterior

7. Hiring wedding items [7]

Joining the wave of interactive wedding trends, couples are opting for classic yet engaging activities, such as connect four, to entertain guests and infuse a playful spirit into their celebrations.

At Hatherley Manor, add a layer of fun and excitement with our selection of wedding games. Choose from classic favourites such as giant jenga, connect four, skittles and ring toss, perfect for all ages.

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Pictures 055

8. Evening Food Inspiration [8]

Elevate your wedding celebration with a trendy twist by incorporating food trucks and street food into your special day. Indulge your guests, with a mouth watering array of culinary delights, from wood fired pizzas to sizzling BBQ favourites.

Whether it’s a casual outdoor affair or an elegant evening reception, street food can add a unique and memorable element to your wedding festivities, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

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9. Statement Headpieces [9]

Make a bold and elegant statement on your wedding day with the latest trend in bridal fashion: statement headpieces. These stunning accessories add a touch of glamour, instantly elevating your look with their intricate details.

For those seeking the ideal statement headpiece, we recommend exploring our curated list of suppliers renowned for their exquisite décor and attention to detail.

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10. Seasonal Wildflowers [10]

Seasonal wildflowers have emerged as a charming wedding trend, with couples opting for locally sourced blooms that add a rustic yet romantic touch to their celebrations.

From delicate daisies to vibrant poppies, incorporating seasonal wildflowers into bouquets, centrepieces, and décor, our Cotswolds venue provides the perfect backdrop for a wildflower-themed wedding, celebrating the innate beauty of the local landscape.

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