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10 Top Wedding Trends For 2024

Planning a wedding day involves a lot of careful consideration. We have created a list of 10 top wedding trends for 2024 to make the planning stage easier and make your special day truly memorable.

10 Top Wedding Trends For 2024


1. Wedding sunglasses [1]

Heart-shaped sunglasses have become the latest accessory to include in your wedding plans, to incorporate personality and flair into your special day. This TikTok trend has taken over, asking guests to pose with sunglasses which are often personalized with the couple's names, wedding date, or quirky phrases.

This is a great trend to include in your wedding, as it can add a fun and playful element to the big day, and the sunglasses can serve as a practical gift which guests can enjoy long after the celebration.

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Wedding floral

2. Floral patterns [2]

Floral design trends are set to be the next best thing to include in your 2024 wedding – from wedding dresses, accessories, shoes, veils and table pieces.

More wedding couples are choosing to celebrate the occasion with bold colours and floral choices – with some even taking inspiration from nature and deciding to incorporate earthy tones and woodland backdrops.

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Horse box

3. Creative Event Catering

Recently, the horsebox catering trend has galloped onto the culinary scene, giving wedding couples the opportunity to serve beverages and decadent desserts in a new and creative way.

At Hatherley Manor, our Horsebox can be a Prosecco, Rum or Gin bar or serve yummy ice-cream to keep you and your guests refreshed and entertained all night long.

Hatherley Manor Hotel High Res

4. Countryside weddings

Weddings have recently seen an uprise in countryside locations, as couples choose to break away from traditional urban settings, and instead, embrace the beauty and tranquillity of rural landscapes.

At Hatherley Manor, we have 37 acres of parkland estate and three opulent wedding suites to choose from, and our idyllic surroundings provide a perfect canvas for couples to create personalised and memorable celebrations. We also have a luxury spa with a tranquil and relaxing environment, perfect for pre and post wedding pampering.

Will HAZL 2909

5. Create your own pick ‘n’ mix [3]

The next big trend is ‘create your own’ – from sweetie carts to cocktail bars. With a range of ingredients available, this allows guests to create their own dessert, which help those with allergies or picky eating habits.

Our sweetie cart is inclusive of six types of sweets, glassware, bags and tongs. Ideas for your pick ‘n’ mix include jellybeans, strawberry bon bons, yellow foam bananas, chocolate mice and strawberry laces. Plenty of options for your guests!

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6. Polaroid guestbooks [4]

Polaroid guestbooks have become extremely popular on social media – they typically contain candid polaroid photos of guests at weddings, with loving messages written to the married couple.

This is a perfect alternative to traditional guestbooks, as instead of just collecting signatures, it becomes a more personal and meaningful memory, with pictures of loved ones to last a lifetime.

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Wedding dress7 philtography

7. Hiring wedding items [5]

Weddings are becoming more sustainable, with couples choosing ethical options, such as hiring wedding outfits and props, in order to reduce waste by avoiding single-use items, plastic packaging or fast-fashion items and minimise their financial and environmental footprint.

At Hatherley Manor, we have a number of items for hire such as love letters and garden games.

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8. Weekend weddings [6]

There has been a surge in ‘weekender weddings’ as couples choose to extend their celebrations over multiple days. From rehearsal dinners and welcome cocktail parties the day before, and breakfast/lunch celebrations the day after, couples are choosing to make the most of their time and create a cherished shared experience that will be remembered for years to come.

At Hatherley Manor, we can help to extend your celebrations by creating a package for the night before, allowing you to take in every moment and create more special memories.

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Hitched saxophone

9. Wedding saxophonists [7]

Wedding saxophonists are also becoming a prominent trend for weddings in 2024, as more couples opt for live performances to play classical melodies, classic jazz standards and mainstream love songs.

The saxophone has become the perfect instrument for walking down the aisle or for that special first dance, as it has the power to elevate emotions and create lasting memories for both the couple and their guests.

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Photo credit: James Burwell Music in Warwickshire - Wedding Music and DJs |


10. Wedding jumpsuits [8]

Bridal jumpsuits have become an excellent alternative to wedding gowns, as they are known for their comfort and versatility, and can allow for greater freedom of movement. With many styles to choose from, jumpsuits are becoming a fashion-forward and contemporary trend. and can be accessorised with belts, statement jewellery, jackets, or veils, for a more personalised look.

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