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Made for Life Organics
Made for Life Organic treatments

Made For Life treatments are designed to create well-being for the body, mind and emotions. Combining effective, 100% organic products with mindful complementary therapy techniques.

Head in Heaven
A beautiful, mindful experience to ease you into tranquillity. Starting with an upper back, head and scalp massage followed by a deeply relaxing facial cleanse, exfoliation massage mask and intensive head massage. 85 minutes | £120.00

Relax into Radiance

Feel completely relaxed yet refreshed with this all-encompassing treatment. Relaxing your mind and body with a slow therapeutic oil application. Next is a skin brightening facial that cleanses and hydrates the skin, whilst a relaxing head massage clears the mind. 85 minutes | £120.00

Body and Soul

The holistic aromatherapy massage works on re-balancing the mind through the sense of smell whilst slow, rhythmic lymphatic drainage movements gently ease away the stresses of the body to create a deeper sense of relaxation. 55 minutes | £80.00

Mindful moments

Create a rich sense of calmness whilst your body and mind are nourished and replenished. A beautiful nurturing meditation experience with a calming foot soak, head, neck and shoulder massage, along with a firm and meaningful back massage, helps to clear the mind and soothe the soul. 55 minutes | £80.00

Radiance Facial

A organic facial which detoxifies, cleanses and refreshes the skin leaving you looking and feeling radiant. 100% organic balms, oils and gentle exfoliation will nourish and cleanse, eliminating unbalance to the skin. This facial restores natural luminosity of the skin. 55 minutes | £80.00

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