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Hatherley Massage
Hatherley Massage

A relaxing massage can do wonders to release that build up of tension in your body and mind. As well as aiding relaxation a massage has so many other health benefits such as improved circulation, stress reduction and increased joint mobility and flexibility.

Hatherley Manor Back Massage
A relaxing back massage using either almond or grape seed oil that pinpoints your key tension area. 25 minutes | £53.90

Hatherley Manor Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage

Using Frangipani monoi oil this deeply relaxing shoulder and neck massage is then followed by a scalp massage and mask. 25 minutes | £53.90

Hatherley Manor Back, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp Massage

Your therapist will use grape seed or almond oil to loosen the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders, allowing your body to completely relax. 40 minutes | £71.50

Hatherley Manor Full Body Massage

Release all of your tensions with this rejuvenating massage that uses almond or grape seed oil. 55 minutes | £93.50 | 85 minutes £148.50*

NEW TREATMENT Thai Compress Full Body Massage

Thai compress massage, a unique treatment featuring gently warmed compresses filled with dried plants, roots and leaves. The ingredients selected are known to help treat a wide variety of physical conditions such as back or joint pain, as well as mental issues such as anxiety and fatigue. The Thai compress are used to knead and roll the muscles to relive tension and promote relaxation. 55 minutes | £104.50

NEW TREATMENT Bamboo Full Body Massage

Bamboo massage is an innovative way to provide Swedish or deep tissue massage using bamboo canes to roll and knead the tissue to create a exceptional sensation of relaxation and well-being. 55 minutes | £104.5

Luxury Face and Back Ritual

Enjoy an indulgent back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a bespoke ELEMIS facial. 55 minutes | £93.50

Repair and Restore Ritual

Deeply relaxing full body exfoliation and warm aromatherapy oil stimulate and nourish the body. Followed by a deeply relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage. 55 minutes | £93.50

Hatherley Soothing Facial and Massage

A soothing facial and a tension releasing massage. 85 minutes | £148.50*

NEW TREATMENT Hatherley Ultimate Relaxation Treatment

Starting with a luxury full body salt scrub, followed by a deeply relaxing full body massage. To finish off a indulgent tailored facial. 140 minutes | £220.00

Please note we have introduced a 10% discretionary service charge. Find out more. This charge has already been included in the total price.

*Two hours complimentary spa access is included with all 85 minute treatments.

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Hatherley Massage