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20 wedding ideas you can try out in the Cotswolds

Located in the South-West of England, the Cotswolds is an outstanding area that is surrounded by many beautiful wedding venues. The Cotswolds' serene landscape is a perfect site for creating wedding memories that are destined to last a lifetime. If you choose the Cotswolds for your luxury wedding, your special day will be forever engraved on your heart and that of your guests.

Some ideas for planning your luxury wedding in the Cotswolds;

1. Wedding Venues

Your wedding will have a touch of luxury if the selected venue perfectly matches the impression wanted for this special day. From country manors to luxurious castles, you’re literally spoilt for choice! At Hatherley Manor, our beautifully landscaped 36 acres of gardens allow for the most extravagant arrivals! From helicopters landing in our back fields to horse drawn carriages down our beautiful driveway.

wedding horse carriage

2. Balloons

Gone are the days of flowers or candelabras, wedding balloons make amazing centre pieces that will make your day stand out from the crowd. Are recommended supplier, Love Balloons, can match your colour theme and are full of ideas to make your wedding decoration pop!

3. Flower walls

Floral displays have changed over the years; add some elegance to your event with a flower wall. Flower walls come in many different designs to suit your theme and are a perfect backdrop for the all important wedding photos. Nuptial Additions are our local supplier and provide lovely flower walls that will naturally provide style to your wedding.

4. Lighting

The tone of the event can be set and perfected by lighting. Whilst glass chandeliers can bring a divine atmosphere at your wedding venue, melting candles add some extra romance and a beautiful scent. Some giant pillar candles can be lined along the Aisles as the teacup candles can fill the tables.

5. Seating arrangement

As there is love in the air, intimacy among your guests adds to the atmosphere of your big day. A chic long rectangular table for example makes this easy or more intimate round tables. A trivia quiz could bring each table together, especially for those times when some guests have to be mixed and may not know each other.

6. Dress code

Your wedding dress of course matters a lot on your wedding day! Whether you choose an antique wedding gown tailor-fitted to add some vintage luxury to your day without having to break the bank, or a modern classic, your choice of dress on your wedding day should make you feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt.

7. Music

Music perfects the ambience of any occasion. In a quest to make your guests enjoy themselves at your event, you can request all your invitees to write down their favourite songs. You can give the DJ the compiled playlist and your guests can dance the night away whilst you can relax in the knowledge that all your guests are enjoying their favourite songs. In the spirit of the fun, you can assign each table a song that your guests are obliged to dance to when it comes on! Or, you can let a live band bring a really unique atmosphere to your special day. Check out our recommended supplier page for suggested DJ's.

8. Wedding cake

What would a wedding be without the cake?! Outstanding wedding cakes add glamour to your event and satisfies those with a sweet tooth! It is best when your wedding cake reflects your theme. For example a coating of sparkling soft gold can reflect the Cotswold weathered stones.

9. Games

For minimal cost you can create an area where both adults and children alike can have fun and create some memories! A game area can create some healthy competition between the adults whilst also being a safe area for the children to play.

10.Live painting

Live painting is the new craze in town. You can consider hiring a professional live wedding painter to picture your wedding day on canvas as you walk down the aisle. The beautiful Cotswold countryside would make the perfect backdrop for the painting of your wedding day.

11. Plan for a crèche

Placing kids on tables with their parents might turn out to be a hard work for the parents! Arrange for a baby-sitter to take care of kids at your party in the next room. Their tables could be equipped with crayons and paper, or piñatas filled with toys and sweet. A bouncy castle would be perfect for entertaining those energetic kids (and adults!) at your wedding party.

12. Re-living some old memories

Amuse your guests by placing some funny photos of you and your partner around the venue to bring some fun to the day.

13. Cocktails

Cocktails will soon start the fun whilst your guests wait for the sumptuous meal to come. Don’t forget to take into consideration your non-alcoholic guests, a virgin watermelon margarita could be a fun choice!

14. Snack bar

A snack bar can bring some fun to your wedding, it could be buffet food that guests help themselves to, or a sweets stall with some takeaway sweetie bags!

15. Professional Wedding Photography

Hire a luxury photographer to capture your special wedding moments. Let your photographer capture the unique moments as you explore different poses on many a Cotswold lawn. You can show your appreciation to your guests with cards, including the photos of their best moment.

16. Surprise entertainment

Something unique will create some lasting memories, whether that’s a magician walking the room or some singing waiters, the more unusual and unexpected the better!

17. Run a Themed wedding!

Game of Thrones wedding

At Hatherley Manor, our vast, self contained Hatherley Suite with its high ceilings and ornate chandeliers offers exuberant amounts of space for the imagination to run wild for themed weddings. We have hosted many themed weddings such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars & Harry Potter!

18. Custom souvenirs

Customising your wedding souvenirs with your pictures or initials, these souvenirs would add a trace of luxury to your wedding.

19. Guests-to-go packages

As your guests retire to bed, let them go with a little ‘recovery’ pack for one too many beverages and a lot of dancing! Some painkillers and plasters alongside some Berocca or the like for the morning are a nice touch and your guests will undoubtedly be thankful for it!

20. Outdoor Ceremonies

What could be more captivating than marrying in the open air, under the dappled shade of the Pavilion in our picturesque walled garden? With your guests seated on our elegant Chiavari Chairs, it is the ideal setting for a romantic wedding on beautiful summers day, or at dusk by candlelight with the moon shining down.

outdoor wedding ideas